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Find out how tank baffles can increase vehicle safety, reduce driver stress and save money.

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Why Use Surgebusters?

  • They Reduce Water Tank Surge

  • They Improve Vehicle Safety and Control

  • They Make Hauling Liquids Easier

  • They Reduce Vehicle Wear and Tear

  • They Reduce Rollover Potential Especially on Rough and Uneven Roads

  • They Help Company PR and Environmental Concerns by Lessening the Chance of Spills


How do Surgebusters Work?

Surge Buster® uses a patented revolutionary new anti-surge system with an innovative design that eliminates 96% of the surge (kinetic energy) in any liquid load. Unlike conventional baffling systems that rely on blocking surge and transferring it through the tank to the truck, Surge Buster® dissipates the energy within the tank.

As vehicles brake and turn, the Surgebuster baffle system begins to bend, flex and then recoil against the surging liquid, absorbing the energy in the process. The individual pieces work as a shock absorber within the tank, so energy stays in the tank and isn't exerted on the vehicle and its parts.

The resulting benefit to the liquid load hauler is a safer load, reduced stress and fatigue on the driver, plus a 30 to 40% reduction in vehicle maintenance costs as well as longer tank life. Prolong the life of your tank, air ride shocks, air ride driver seat as well as king pins, 5th wheel jaw pins, springs, torque arm bushings, drive lines, brakes, tires and frames as well as making a beneficial effect on your engine performance. Do it with Surge Buster®!


Benefits in Spray Applications

  • Prevents Skips in Application Casued by Surge

  • Tanks Fill and Empty in a Smooth, Level Fashion

  • Surgebusters Create a Constant Stirring to Keep Additives Mixed In

  • Reduces Driver Fatigue Since Drivers Are Not Constantly Being Pushed and Pulled by Surge

  • Made of Virgin Polypropylene - OK for Use In Most Pesticides and Herbicides


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