Surgebuster Benefits

Reduce Water Tank Surge

Improve Vehicle Safety and Control

Reduce Liability Concerns

Reduce Vehicle Repair Expenses

Surgebuster Features and Assembly


Additional Surgebuster Benefits

  • Liquid surge/load-shift reduction.

  • Stabilization of liquid in the entire compartment.

  • Stress reduction to the operator.

  • Shortens the learning time for new drivers hauling liquids.

  • Physical fatigue reduction to the truck frame, tank mounts, brakes and automatic transmissions.

  • Beneficial in stopping/emergency or in frosty/icy conditions.

  • Potential to help prevent accidents.

  • Stabilizing the liquid cargo is beneficial to maintenance reduction, and also increases the safety aspects of transporting liquid cargoes.


Benefits in Spray Applications

Surgebusters have a number of benefits in small to medium sized spray rigs, rather than large tankers. Adding Surgebusters to your spray rig tank provides the following benefits:
  • Prevents Skips in Application Casued by Surge

  • Tanks Fill and Empty in a Smooth, Level Fashion

  • Surgebusters Create a Constant Stirring to Keep Additives Mixed In

  • Reduces Driver Fatigue Since Drivers Are Not Constantly Being Pushed and Pulled by Surge

  • Made of Virgin Polypropylene - OK for Use In Most Pesticides and Herbicides

For any questions about Surgebusters, please visit our FAQ page, or feel free to contact us.